Thornhill Art Gallery Presents: Intersection

Come see Avila’s Art Gallery now through October 30th in Dallavis. The hours for the gallery are Monday-Thursday from 10am-3pm and by appointment. For more information, visit their website at

Free Tutoring

Learning Services offers free tutoring to all currently enrolled students. Students are allowed up to 2 hours of free tutoring per week. To schedule your appointment and for more information go to:

Are you interested in participating in a local 5K? 10K? Triathlon? Duathlon? Fun runs?

Avila University is proud to announce that through the wellness grant, any Avila University employee (full-time or regular part-time) will be reimbursed $25 for their race registration (limit 2 per person)!!!!

How does it work?!

  1. Contact to ensure your race/run will be covered!  It most likely will but it is better to be safe than sorry J
  2. Register for your run/race
  3. Pay for your run/race
  4. Submit a reimbursement request with your receipt to Anna McDonald

All races/events must be completed before the 2015 year concludes. Please note that grant money is limited and this deal will end after grant funds are depleted.


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